UIS in iTunes Store

To access UIS in the iTunes Store:

1. Launch iTunes [if you do not have iTunes installed on your computer, download iTunes].

2. Under the “iTunes STORE” section, click on iTunes U.

3. Under the “FIND COLLEGES AND PROVIDERS” section, click on Universities & Colleges.

4. On the “UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES” page, University of Illinois Springfield is listed alphabetically under the section “U”.


Share a UIS Podcast:

1. On any UIS podcast page, click on the “TELL A FRIEND” option.

2. On the Tell a Friend page, enter the necessary details and click on Send.


Search the iTunes Store:

1. In iTunes, enter your search term in the Search iTunes Store box.

As an example, you can search for UIS content by using the following search terms –

  • university of illinois
  • ringeisen
  • linux
  • the beatles
  • revealing voices

2. Press enter/return on your keyboard.