UIS and iTunes U

iTunes U is a free, cross-platform multimedia distribution and learning environment system wherein educational content – course audio/video lectures and supplemental course-related material – is hosted online and made available to students. In addition to course-related material, lectures and presentations from UIS public events, sports, news broadcasts, and concerts can be delivered through iTunes U.

Students can download course-related content from iTunes U using a Windows PC or a Mac, or take it with them using an MP3 player. Students can access iTunes U content from Blackboard with one click. With secure authentication, content within iTunes U can be restricted to registered students, faculty, or staff, or it can be made available to all, depending on an instructor’s request.

From a technical standpoint, the service is completely cross-platform for Windows PC or Mac. iTunes U supports many file formats, including mp3, wav, aiff, Apple Lossless, aac audio, and mp4 video.

An iPod is not necessary to play the audio [mp3] files and the files can be played on a variety of devices including your desktop computer.

The University of Illinois at Springfield joins the following elite institutions as an iTunes U campus:

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Project Timeline for UIS on iTunes U

  • June 2005 – Apple releases iTunes 4.9
  • August 2005 – First course-related podcasts and vodcasts at UIS
  • September 2005 – The Journal covers podcasting/vodcasting at UIS
  • October 2005 – The State Journal Register covers podcasting at UIS
  • October 2005 – EdTech Luncheon Series launched; covers podcasting as a communication tool
  • October 2005 – “What’s New at UIS” podcast released
  • January 2006 – Course-related podcast requests increase
  • March 2006 – Submit application for iTunes U
  • April 2006 – “University of Illinois at Springfield Presents…” podcast launched
  • May 2006 – Apple approves UIS as an iTunes U campus; UIS joins universities of Brown, Duke, Berkeley, and Stanford; Michigan [School of Dentistry]; Missouri [School of Journalism]; and University of Wisconsin at Madison as an iTunes U campus.
  • June 2006 – Ensure legal paperwork is in place for iTunes U
  • June 2006 – Sign SLA from Apple
  • June 2006 – MTV Think News covers podcasting at UIS
  • July 2006 – Develop documentation for iTunes U
  • July 2006 – Develop metadata for iTunes U content
  • July 2006 – Develop webpage for front-end access
  • July 2006 – Develop sample skins for the iTunes interface
  • July 2006 – Develop branding mechanisms for programs/departments
  • July 2006 – Receive “example scripts” from Apple pertaining to authentication and authorization.
  • October – November 2006 – Put the framework in place for authentication and authorization.
  • December 2006 – Testing
  • January 2007 – UIS on iTunes U launched
  • August 2009 – UIS listed on iTunes Store


UIS on iTunes U Team

  • Andrew Fitzpatrick
  • Clay Bellot
  • Munindra Khaund
  • Ralph Shank
  • Sherry Hutson
  • Terry Powell
  • Tulio Llosa
  • Uttra Singh