Admission Requirements

The UIS philosophy major is open to all on campus students. Prospective online students must apply for admission. Priority will be given to applicants with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, but applicants with lower GPAs will also be considered. We look at a variety of factors before making an admissions decision. In addition, applicants to the online program are required to supply the following materials:

  • A sample of the applicant’s writing, preferably on a philosophical topic. A paper from a previous philosophy course would make an excellent writing sample.
  • A statement of purpose, approximately 300-500 words in length. This statement should explain the applicant’s reasons for selecting the online philosophy major at UIS.

In addition, the applicant may provide:

  • Up to three letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to the student’s potential for academic success.
  • Any additional materials that the applicant feels will strengthen his or her case.

Please don’t be afraid to apply if your academic record is less than perfect. We look at many factors in making our decision. Having said that, if there is a major blemish in your record, you are much better off explaining it than hoping the admissions committee doesn’t notice it. Your statement of purpose is a good place for you to put you record into context.

Applications may be submitted at any time, but applicants should be aware that they take time to process. Please submit your application at least a few weeks before the start of the semester in which you wish to commence your studies. We accept applications for any semester: fall, spring or summer.

All applications to the online major must be submitted to UIS admissions. Get more information about UIS admissions, or apply now!