Minor in Philosophy

A minor in philosophy is a great complement to any major. Some majors that form a particularly natural fit with a philosophy minor are legal studies, political science and criminal justice. However, students in any major will benefit from the training in critical thinking and value analysis that the philosophy minor provides.

The UIS philosophy minor is open to all students, both online and on ground. You can satisfy the minor requirements entirely with online courses if you so choose, or you can include on ground courses as well.

Minor Requirements

To complete a philosophy minor, students must:

  • Complete at least 15 credit hours of philosophy coursework
  • Complete at least 8 credit hours of upper division coursework in philosophy at UIS

Within these 15 credit hours of philosophy, students must take at least one course from each of the following areas:

  • Critical Thinking/Logic (Choose from PHI 301 or PHI 401, or approved transfer)
  • Ethics/Values (Choose from PHI 241, 341, 432, 434, 436, 441, 447, 448, 460, 485, or approved transfer)
  • History of Philosophy (Choose from PHI 353, 421, 425, 480, or approved transfer)
  • Elective (Any philosophy course, including transfer credit)

Example Curricula

Here are some examples of coursework that will satisfy the requirements of the philosophy minor.

Example 1 – Entirely Online

  1. PHI 301, Critical Thinking, or PHI 401, Logic – 4 hours
  2. PHI 341, Ethics – 3 hours
  3. PHI 421, History of Ancient Philosophy – 4 hours
  4. PHI 472, Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology – 4 hours

Example 2 – Partly On Ground

  1. PHI 301, Critical Thinking, or PHI 401, Logic – 4 hours, online
  2. PHI 242, Ethics, Love and the Goals of Life – 3 hours, on ground
  3. PHI 425, History of Modern Philosophy – 4 hours, online
  4. PHI 101, Introduction to Philosophy, or PHI 252, Science Fiction and Philosophy – 3 hours, on ground
  5. Any additional philosophy course, to bring the total up to 15 credit hours.

(Please note that these are just examples. You can take any philosophy courses you like as long as they satisfy the above requirements. We are not recommending any course(s) above any other(s).)


Students interested in minoring in philosophy should work with a member of the philosophy faculty to plan their courses. If in doubt, please contact the department chair.