Students Overview

Students in the UIS Philosophy department live all over the country and come from all walks of life. This is often reflected in online course discussion, where everybody has a chance to argue philosophy with individuals from diverse backgrounds. There are currently over 50 Philosophy majors in our program.

What one of our current students has to say about the program:

“Philosophy for me is like seeing blue sky after days of rain. In my case, the rainy days were actually a couple of decades worth of corporate life. Often in the beginning, rain is a welcome relief holding much promise for a very green future, but too much of it can soon be a torment especially if flooding, erosion, and water damage occur.

“Philosophy was what I sought out to help with the eroding parts of my life. But philosophy is no teddy bear; instead it is similar to an earthquake because it has the ability to shake up the ground under our feet; ground that we previously and wrongly may have thought was solid footing.

“My first class, ‘Person, Identity, and Dignity’, helped me enormously by challenging me to re-think what I had previously assumed to be trueShould dogs be considered people?, particularly in regards to what it means to be a person. Who is a person, what is a person, and why is something a person in the first place? As humans we assume we are special creatures but most pet owners can also attest to the fact that animals are special too. So why can’t dogs be persons? I posted the picture of my dogs to emphasize that question.

“I believe I now know the answer of what is a person, but my initial steps into Philosophy have given me the desire to explore even more difficult, unsettling, as well as, fascinating issues.”

Linda Williams

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