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Dr. Pentti Haikonen Publishes a New Book in the Series on Machine Consciousness

Dr Pentti Haikonen, adjunct professor with
the UIS online Philosophy program, has
written Consciousness and Robot Sentience,
a new book recently published by World Scientific
Publishing as a part of the Series on Machine
Consciousness. You can find the book for sale here and click here to find out more about Dr. Haikonen’s professional work and publications.

Dr. Boltuc Receives 2011 Faculty Excellence Award

The UIS Faculty Excellence Award recognizes a faculty member with sustained, career-long accomplishments at UIS in teaching and scholarship. The honor was presented this year to Dr. Peter Boltuc. The award provides an opportunity to honor colleagues who best exemplify the ideal of the teacher-scholar and whom the faculty recognize as role models.

Dr. Kurtz Publishes Book

December 2006: Dr. Roxanne Kurtz is the co-editor of Persistence: Contemporary Readings, a new book recently published by the MIT Press.

Persistence is intended to inform and reframe debate on the concept of the consistency of change. Kurtz and her colleagues approach the topic by presenting views ranging from classic to contemporary in three broad approaches: perdurantism (change over time is analogous to change over space), exdurantism (identity over time is analogous to identity across possible worlds), and endurantism (ordinary objects persist by enduring). Arguments are included for and against each approach. Read the Press Release >>

Fall Colloquia in Philosophical Topics

On October 6, Harry Deutsch (Illinois State University Department of Philosophy) presented “The Definition of Fiction”, which suggests a new definition for what we consider fiction–the notion of making something up.

On September 22, Dr. Peter Boltuc delivered a presentation, “American Political Philosophy: An Unfinished Debate”, which argues that previous political debates were incomplete because they failed to consider the views of underrepresented groups of Americans.

Dr. Boltuc’s “E-Teaching Philosophy”

Dr. Peter Boltuc’s article, “E-Teaching Philosophy”, appeared in Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers, Ange Cooksey (ed) APA Newsletter 05(1) 3-5, Fall 2005. Abstract:

Lots of things are online, but seldom philosophy programs, except for University of Illinois at Springfield. Concerns of quality belong to the past (see Karen Swan’s research), but philosophers are behind the curve, (see Charles Ess’ claim that we are unable to convey phroneØsis online.) First, there is no reason to assume that philosophers convey phroneØsis. On the job we convey arguments, and in free time ornithologists don’t have to fly. Second, if we were to convey phroneØsis, no reason why on campus but not online. Unwillingness of philosophers to develop advanced courses online endangers the profession; somebody else does our job, badly, so that even such ‘philosophy’ as constructivism reigns!