Individualized Degrees

By integrating Philosophy with individualized degrees through the Liberal and Integrative Studies Department, students may develop individualized degree programs—including the M.A.—that have philosophy as one component. It is also possible for UIS students to pursue a Master’s Degree that focuses on Philosophy.  Core courses in Liberal and Integrative Studies are available online as well as on campus. Students who wish to do this will apply through the Liberal and Integrative Studies Program (LNT).

Individual Option is an interdisciplinary graduate degree program that allows students to plan their own coursework; graduates of this program will have Liberal and Integrative Studies listed on the diploma, but a concentration in Philosophy on the official transcript. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the LNT degree, students must also be prepared to study at least one additional subject. Online Philosophy students who wish to pursue this degree must take the required course LNT 501 via Elluminate software. Students enrolled for graduate credit in 400-level philosophy courses are required to complete one or more assignments, such as a paper or book review, in addition to those required of undergraduates in the same course.

Philosophy faculty will assist these students in developing learning plans in consultation with their academic advisers to develop a learning proposal and establishing a degree committee. Consult the UIS Liberal and Integrative Studies program for details. Anyone who would like to learn more about pursuing the M.A. through online courses may contact Dr. Roxanne Kurtz.