Dr. Royce Jones

Dr. Royce Jones
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
Email: Jones.royce@uis.edu

Teaching Concentration: ethics, critical thinking and logic, and the history of philosophy, especially Greek and Roman philosophy and modern philosophy through the nineteenth century

Academic Positions

  • Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at UIS since 2002
  • Illinois College, Jacksonville: teaching
    more than 20 different philosophy courses for over 20 years

Publications and Research

  • “Test Your Strength,” a series of online quizzes of increasing difficulty in the areas of Religion, Critical Thinking and Logic, Ethics and Aesthetics, and Applied Philosophy

In addition to articles on the American Pragmatists Peirce and James, Jones has co-authored articles in medical ethics with George J. Agich and published Foundations of Critical Thinking, a college level text supported by a series of Web-based exercises keyed to the chapters of the Text. As an outgrowth of work on his Text, he continues to do research on issues in dispute resolution.

Foundations of Critical Thinking
ISBN: 0155072757
Format: Paperback, 348 pp
Pub. Date: August 2000
Publisher: Wadsworth

From the Publisher:
“The aim of this text is to provide an account of critical thinking using innovative stories and cases to teach everyday concepts of critical thinking. The text treats the subject of critical thinking as development of informal logic and includes treatments of the traditional informal fallacies, definitions, criteria, standards, and disputes. It also provides an introduction to traditional syllogistic logic and modern prepositional logic.”

“Although I am not a critical thinking student, and sometimes not even a critical thinking person, I found Royce Jones’s book informative, entertaining, and well-written. While it is certainly an invaluable reference tool (important terms appear in boldface and are cross-referenced in the index), it also holds one’s attention through clever anecdotes and illustrations. I especially liked the continuing story of Arthur, a college student faced with many logical dilemmas. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in critical thinking, whether they are taking a course in it or not. It shows logic as not just an academic discipline, but as a way of approaching the world.” Chandler K. Smith. February 5, 2001