Dr. Peter Boltuc

Dr. Peter Boltuc a Piotr
Professor of Philosophy
Louise Hartman Schewe and Karl Schewe Professor in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Email:   boltuc.peter@uis.edu
Phone: (217) 206-7422
Office:  UHB 3030
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/peterboltuc/home

Area of Specialization : Machine Consciousness
Areas of Competence: Consciousness, Philosophy of Mind, Business Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy
Special Competence: e-Education

Curriculum Vitae

Two Doctorates in Philosophy

  • Ph.D. in Moral and Political Philosophy, June 1998, Bowling Green State University
    Dissertation: Morality and Particularity. Advisor: R. G. Frey. Available at Bell & Howell Company, UMI Dissertation Services, Ann Arbor, MI 1998.
  • Doctor of Philosophy and Sociology, January 1991, Warsaw University, Poland
    Dissertation: The Problem of Subject and Object in English and American Philosophy After Peter Strawson. Advisor: Janusz Kuczynski.

Other Graduate Education

  • Visiting Graduate Student, January 2001-January 2002, Princeton University
    Advisor: Bas van Fraassen.
  • Master of PHilosophy, June 1986, Warsaw University, Poland
    Sub-discipline: Ancient Philosophy (Plato).
    Thesis: Paradox of Openness in Plato’s Metaphysics.

Main Grants and Fellowships

Academic Positions

Professional Affiliations

Professional Boards:

  • Member, Committee on Philosophy and Computers of the American Philosophical Association, May 2004-present
  • Co-Editor, H-Net for Online Education in the Humanities, 2004-present
  • International Co-Editor, Dialogue and Universalism, 2001-present
  • Editorial Board Member, E-Mentor, Warsaw School of Economics, 2004-present
  • Editorial Board Member, Filosofia i Egzystencja, University of Szczecin, 2005-present
  • Board Member, Community Technology Centers, State Grant, Lincoln Land Community College, 2001-2004
  • President of the International Association of Young Philosophers, elected at the World Congress of Philosophy in Brighton, 1998 until the World Congress on Violence in Montreal, 1993.
  • Editor of Polrocznik Filozoficzny Mlodych, 1986-1988

Other Functions:

Honors and Fellowships

Fulbright Fellowship Batory Visiting Scholar, St. John’s College Award of the Minister of Higher Education, UNESCO, Visiting Fellow, Paris:

Main Publications


“The Engineering Thesis in Machine Consciousness,” (invited submission, under review).

“Is There an Inherent Moral Value in the Second-Person Relationships?” in: Abbarno, John (ed.) Inherent and Instrumental Value, University Press of America, 2009, forthcoming.

“Solidarity and Special Moral Obligations” in: The Ethics of Solidarity George McLean (ed.) Catholic University of America 2009, forthcoming.
Peer Reviewed or Invited Publications

“The Philosophical Problem in Machine Consciousness.” International Journal of Machine Consciousness 1.1 (2009): 155-76.

“Paradigm Change in Higher Education Due to the World Wide Web.” Dialogue and Universalism 19:1-2 (2009).

“Global Learning Through Collaboration.” Formamente, Rivista Internationale di Ricerca sul Futuro Digitale GUIDE Association, Rome, Italy, III 1-2 (2008): 145 – 54.

“E-Learning.” BAR (2008): 20-3. Also online: http://www.cren.pl/uploaded-files/e-learning-bar.pdf

“Does Epistemic Subjectivity Have Moral Impact?” [pol.] Analiza i Egzystencja 6 (2007). Szczecin (2008): 5-23.

“Open Business: A Review of Wikinomics.” E-Mentor 3:25 (2008).

“Duties in the Digital World: A Review.” E-Mentor 2:24 (2008).

“Kres kryzysu; kres nowożytności” Kryzys Postindustrialny: Interpretacje Prognozy ed. Piotr Mazurkiewicz, Krzysztof Wielecki, Centrum Europejskie. Warsaw University (2007): 37-44.

“Global E-Learning Environment in Philosophy.” Dialogue and Universalism 17:7-8 (2007): 149-58.

“Replication of the Hard Problem of Consciousness in AI and Bio-AI: An Early Conceptual Framework” [co-authored] Chella, A.; Manzotti, R. AI and Consciousness: Theoretical Foundations and Current Approaches. AAAI Press, Merlo Park, CA (2007): 24-9. Also online: http://www.Consciousness.it/CAI/online_papers/Boltuc.pdf

“’Best practices’ w elearningu na Uniwersytecie of Illinois, Springfield w dziedzinie nauk humanistycznych.” [pol.] IV Symposium Kształcenia na Odległość, Gdynia (2007): 17-26.

“Why Common Sense Morality is Not Collectively Self-Defeating.” Polish Journal of Philosophy 1:2 (2007): 19-39. Abstract available online: http://www.pjp.edu.pl/page18_2.htm

“Main Trends in Contemporary American Political Philosophy.” [pol.] Analiza i Egzystencja 5 (2007): 133-57.

“Editorial” American Philosophical Association, Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers (2007).

“New Tendencies in Online Learning” FPAKE, Warsaw School of Economics (2007).

“Virtual Games: More or Less Funny.” [Book Review] E-Mentor 1:18 (2007): 44-6.

“Communities of Practice and Other Issues in Online Learning: An Interview with Seb Schmoller.” E-Mentor 3:20 (2007).

“Business Ethics: Sins that Originate from One’s Not Knowing Quite How to Sin.” E-Mentor 2:14 (2006).

“e-Teaching Philosophy” APA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers (Fall 2005): 3-5.

“Ethics versus Partiality.” Analiza and Egzystencja 2 (2005). Abstract available online here.

“Trends in Academic eLearning.” (pol.) Rozwój e-edukacji w ekonomicznym szkolnictwie wyższym, FPAKE. ed. M. Dąbrowski i M. Zając. (2005).

“Another Take on Game-Based Learning.” (with N. Boltuc) E-Mentor 2:4 (2004). Also available online: http://www.e-mentor.edu.pl/_xml/wydania/4/43.pdf

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“Moral Neighborhoods.” Dialogue and Universalism 11:5-6 (2001): 117-33.

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“Why Emeralds are Not Grue A Case for Pragmatic Simplicity.” Eidos 6 (1998): 7-36.

“Qualia, Robots and Complementarity of Subject and Object.” World Congress of Philosophy, Boston (1998). Also available online: http://www.bu.edu/wcp/Papers/Mind/MindBolt.htm

“Emergent Properties of Choice.” World Congress of Philosophy, Boston (1998). Also avaliable online: http://www.bu.edu/wcp/Papers/Econ/EconBolt.htm

“Does Equality Have an Independent Moral Value?” Dialogue and Universalism 5:10 (1995): 123-55.

“Understanding Action.” with Edward McClennen (book review of Schick, Frederick: “Understanding Action”). Economics and Philosophy 11:2 (1995): 353-58.

Translation of: Jaki, Stanley: God and the Cosmologists. Published in Wroclaw, Poland. (1995).

“Person as a Locus of Permanence: Towards Albert Shalom’s Metaphysics.” Dialectics and Humanism 2 (1990): 213-34.

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“Introduction to the Complementary Philosophy.” (Wprowadzenie do filozofii komplementarnej) Colloquia Communia 4 (1987).

“In Quest of Openness.” (W poszukiwaniu otwartosci) Colloquia Communia 3-6 (1985): 303-6.

“Mysticism and Praxis.” (Mistyka i praxis) Colloquia Communia 1 (1985): 199-211.

“Ideas of the Complementary Philosophy.” (Idee filozoff komplementarnej) Przypis 1 (1984).

“‘Parmenides’, Introduction to Plato’s Dialectics.” (‘Parmenides’ jako wprowadzenie do dialektyki Platona) Studia Filozoficzne 10 (1984).

Papers Presented (A Selection)

  • “Cztery Filary Amerykanskiej Filozofii Polityki” (UW), Warsaw, December 2004
  • “Strategia Nauczania Online,”  Unwersytet Szczecinski, December 2004
  • “Ontology of the subject” Unwersytet Szczecinski, December 2004
  • “Wspolczesne Modele E-learningu Akademickiego. Szkic Strategii Eksportowej,” (SGH/AGH), Katowice, November 2004
  • “Etyka a Stronniczosc” (UAM), Poznan, November 2004
  • “Thin Social Capital” CIPG, Jacksonville, IL, April 2004
  • “Public Service and Social Philosophy” Intern. Society on Value Inquiry, Washington DC, December 2003
  • “Bentham on Propinquity ”Conference on Value Inquiry, Grand Forks ND, April 2003
  • “Equality Without Egalitarianism in Healthcare” Values in Healthcare: Past, Present and Future, Milwaukee WI, April 2003
  • “Universal Dialogue” International Society for Value Inquiry, APA Chicago, December 2001
  • “Emergence of an E-civilization — Utopia or Unavoidable Reality?” Keynote Address, International Summer School of Political Science, Pultusk College of the Humanities, June 2001
  • “Moral Neighborhoods” Central Illinois Philosophy Discussion Group, Jacksonville IL, February 2001
  • “Three Philosophies of a Unified Europe” 6th Annual Spring Conference of The Foreign Language and International Studies Consortium Global Community: Dis/Integration. Springfield College, Springfield, April 2001
  • “Liberalism and Communitarianism” Center for Dialogue, Warsaw University, Department of Philosophy, January 2001
  • “Three Models of European Integration”, International Summer School of Political Science, Pultusk College of the Humanities, June 2000
  • “Violence Beyond Brutality” The Society for Social and Political Philosophy, 22nd Annual Meeting, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield MO, May 2000
  • “Morality and Partiality” 27-th. Congress of Value Inquiry, Central Missouri State University, Warresburg MI, 1999
  • “Will the U.S. Remain the Only Super-power in the 21st Century?” College of Public Communication and Journalism, Warsaw, Poland, November 1999
  •  “Morality – the Concetric Circles” University of Illinois, Springfield, 1999
  • “Emergent Properties of Choice” – 20th World Congress of Philosophy – Philosophy of Economics, Boston University, 1998
  • “Qualia, Robots and Complementarity of Subject and Object” – 20th World Congress of Philosophy – Philosophy of Mind, Boston University, 1998
  • “Propinquity and the Shape of Moral Space” International Society for Value Inquiry (plenary session), with the World Congress of Philosophy, 1998
  • “Moral Space and Moral Luck” International Society for Value Inquiry, with the World Congress of Philosophy, 1998
  • “Jonathan Dancy’s Moral Particularism” (commentator on keynote paper) III World Congress of Universalism,
    Babson College, Velsley, MA, 1998
  • “Some Environmental Concerns for Global Policy” III World Congress of Universalism, Babson College, Velsley, MA, 1998
  • “How to Solve Heinz’s Dilemma” The Voices of Care and Justice, the 1997 Conference of the Association for Moral Education, Emory University, Atlanta GA Nov. 21 [not delivered], 1997
  • “Moral Luck” Minnesota Philosophical Society, Carlton College, 1997
  • “Is Whistleblowing Ever Justifiable?” The Conference on Values in Business, Appalachian University, Boone NC, 1997
  • “A Defense of Prima Facie Moral Reasons” St. Olaf’s College, Northfield MN, 1996
  • “The Second Person Perspective as a Source of Value”, The Conference on Value Inquiry, D’Youville NY, 1996
  • “Is It Sometimes Required Morally to Be Partial”, (table session) American Philosophical Association (APA), Pacific Division, Seattle, 1996
  • “A Short Defence of Prima Facie Moral Reasons”, Bowling Green State University, Philosophy Graduate Club, 1995
  • Is Russia Needed for Regional Stability?”, The World Congress of Central and East European Studies, Warsaw, 1995
  • “Equality without Egalitarianism”, Bowling Green State University,  Philosophy Graduate Club, 1993
  • “Non-Brutal Forms of Violence.”  Congres Mondiale sur la Violence, Montreal, 1992
  • “What Is the Future of Philosophy?” Babson College, Boston, 1991
  • “Society and Philosophy in Eastern Europe”, APA, Chicago, 1991
  • “The Relationship Between Subjective and Objective Perspectives in Modern Epistemology,” Princeton University, Philosophy Graduate Club, 1991
  • “Le Sujet et la Religion,” Congress Internationale de la Philosophie de Langue Francaise, Hammamet, 1990
  • “Person as a  Physical and Social Being,”  Summer School, Srodborow, 1990
  • “New Trends in the Philosophy of Mind,” Lwow University, Lwow, 1990
  • “A Secret of Young Socrates”  World Congress of Philosophy,  Brighton, 1988
  • Chair (opening presentation), Round Table “For a New Ethos”, XIV World Congress of Philosophy, Brighton, UK (published in For a New Ethos 1988), 1988

E-Classes Developed

  • Ethics and Moral Philosophy, University of Illinois Online, 2004-2005
  • Ethics Toolbox, University of Illinois Online, 2003
  • Contemporary American Political Philosophy, University of Illinois Online, 2000
  • Person, Identity and Dignity, University of Illinois Online, 1999

Book Translation

  • Translation of: Jaki, Stanley: God and the Cosmologists (published in Wroclaw, Poland), 1995

Poetry Book

  • Nieprawda, ze fiolet (in Polish), Czytelnik, Warsaw (poems), 1986

Sample Teaching Topics:

  • Special Moral Obligations, UIS, 2004
  • Social Capital, UIS, 2002-2004
  • Business Ethics, UIS, 2001
  • Person, Identity and Dignity, UIS, 2000-2003
  • Contemporary American Political Philosophy, UIS, 2001-2003
  • Perspectives on Human Nature, UIS, 2000
  • Moral Dilemmas in Health Care, UIS, 1999
  • Human Nature and Personal Identity, UIS/Illinois Online, 1999
  • Seminar in Medical Ethics, UIS and Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, 1999
  • Modern British Philosophy, UIS, 1999
  • Senior Liberal Studies Seminar, UIS, 1999
  • Polish Language and Culture, UIS, 1999
  • Critical Thinking, UIS, 1998-2001
  • Self-Directed Learning, UIS, 1998-2000
  • Biomedical Ethics, UIS, St. Olaf, 1998-1999
  • Aesthetics, St. Olaf, 1998
  • Senior Seminar for Majors in Philosophy, St. Olaf, 1998
  • Environmental Ethics, St. Olaf, 1998
  • Applied Ethics [255], St. Olaf, 1998
  • Ethics and a Good Life [252], St. Olaf, 1996-1998
  • The Making of the Modern Mind [118], St.Olaf, 1996-1998
  • Business Ethics [320], Bowling Green, 1996
  • Introduction to Philosophy of Mind  [216], Bowling Green, 1995
  • Introduction to Ethics [102], Bowling Green, 1995

Non-Teaching Positions

  • Director, COPC Grant, Community Outreach Partnership Center, University of Illinois at Springfield 2003 – 2004
  • Associate Director, COPC Grant, Institute of Public Affairs, Department of Political Science, University of Illinois at Springfield 2001 – 2003
  • Research Fellow, Department of History, research project on social change, Bowling Green State University 1993/1994
  • Research Fellow, Department  of Philosophy, research project on social capital Bowling Green State University 1993, 1995
  • Assistant to Richard Lineback, Director of The Philosophy Documentation Center Bowling Green State University 1991
  • Senior Assistant, Program PHILOSOPHY OF UNIVERSALISM (and The World Society of Universalism), Institute of Philosophy, Warsaw University, Warsaw 1989/1991
  • Research Assistant, Institute of Philosophy, Warsaw University, Division of the History of Contemporary Philosophy, Warsaw 1986/1989

Professional Reviewer

  • Internal Reviewer, Houghton Mifflin, College Division, 2001
  • Internal Reviewer of Federal New Directions Grants, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Washington D.C. June 2000

Professional Societies

  • Member, Philosophy and Computers, Community of the American Philosophical Association 2005-2007
  • Co-President, International Association of Young Philosophers  1988-93
  • American Philosophical Association
    Polish Philosophical Society

Service Activities

Service to the Profession:

  • Member, American Philosophical Association, 1995-present.
  • President of the International Association of Young Philosophers, elected at the World Congress of Philosophy in Brighton 1988 – till the World Congress on Violence, Montreal 1993
  • President of the Polish Society of Young Philosophers 1985-9.
  • Editor of Polrocznik Filozoficzny Mlodych 1986-1988

Service to the Community:

  • Board Member, Community Technology Centers, State Grant, LLCC, 2004
  • Member, Committee on Ethics and Human Values at the Memorial Medical Center, Springfield Illinois 1999-2002
  • Campus Senate Member, University of Illinois at Springfield, 2000-2002
  • HUD Best Practice “Local” Award, Community Partnership Program (award as a part of a team) University of Illinois Springfield 2000
  • Adviser to the Chief Advisor of Lech Walesa during his first presidential campaign (1990), responsible for the portfolio of culture and the arts

Linguistic Competence

Lectures given in:

  • English
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • French