Philosophy Minor

The minor in Philosophy is open to all undergraduate students at UIS, both online and on-campus. The minor consists of four classes (at least 15 hours), at least eight hours of which must be upper-division classes taken in Philosophy at UIS, with at least one course in each of the following areas:

Critical Thinking or Logic 3-4
Critical Thinking
Rationality and Moral Choice
Values (Ethics, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy) 2-4
Ethics, Love & Goals of Life
Philosophy of Art
Contemporary American Political Philosophy
Moral Theory
Applied Ethics:Computer Ethics
Rationality and Moral Choice
Moral Values in Political Philosophy
Topics in Normative Philosophy
Social Philosophy
History of Philosophy 4
Person, Identity, and Dignity
Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
History of Modern Philosophy
Readings in the History of Philosophy
Elective (Any class or independent study in philosophy) 3-4
Total Hours 15

Students who wish to minor in Philosophy must formally declare their minor and consult with a philosophy faculty member to ensure that they are meeting their individual needs and program requirements.