A First Class Degree

The UIS Philosophy Department is deeply committed to online education. Since 2004, we have made made online teaching a top priority. Our highly qualified faculty have worked hard to make us one of the top online philosophy programs. All online degrees at UIS are considered completely equal to on ground degrees, and are taught by the same faculty.

Our approach to online teaching stresses personal attention from faculty, small classes, and active engagement. Students work on their own schedules to best meet their work, family and life needs, while maintaining a rich interaction with their fellow students and professors.

An Affordable Option

As an online student you are charged an e-tuition rate, regardless of where you live. In addition, you pay less than campus-based students for student service fees. E-tuition is significantly less than the tuition rate we charge non-resident students attending class on our campus. Once you factor in fees, students admitted to online programs who live outside Illinois pay nearly half of what they might pay if they were attending classes here on our campus, and most Illinios students, particularly part-time students, admitted to online programs pay less than Illinois students on our campus.

You can use our tuition calculator to estimate your cost per semester. (Make sure you select “Online Program — 100% Online Courses.”)

Don’t forget to take advantage of Federal and State grants by completing the FAFSA and to apply for UIS scholarships.


To become an online Philosophy student, you need to apply. Learn about our admissions process and apply today!