About The Department

Welcome to the Philosophy Department

UIS is one of the best places to go for an online degree in Philosophy.

Graduates in the online program receive the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy diploma from the University of Illinois at Springfield—and there is no distinction between an online degree and one earned on-campus.

UIS offers both a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a Philosophy minor for students majoring in other degree programs. On-campus courses are also available, but it is possible to complete the program solely through online coursework.

UIS also offers the opportunity to study Philosophy at the graduate level through the Liberal & Integrative Studies program and to receive a Master of Arts degree in Liberal & Integrative Studies with an emphasis in philosophy.

A B.A. in Philosophy is valuable for many positions in business, government, and education. Philosophy is also an excellent pre-law degree. Many Philosophy students continue their education to pursue Master’s degrees and Ph.D.s at other accredited institutions.