Peoria Internship Consortium

Internship Opportunities in Peoria

Host a Student Intern for a Semester

There are many benefits for Peoria organizations to offer internships to University of Illinois Peoria Center students.  A key aspect is the value gained from employing ambitious, young talent who can provide innovative ideas based on cutting edge business theories and principles.

Our students are currently studying accounting and business administration and have earned junior or senior status with the university.  The curriculum allows students to work during the normal business hours and attend classes at night.  They earn college credit for the internships which motivates them to perform to meet the expectations of their supervisors.

Students and their supervisors identify and agree upon goals for the internship.  They create a plan for implementation which includes specified work hours, work responsibilities, job shadowing, attendance at appropriate meetings, and regular individual meetings to assess the plan.  A representative from the University of Illinois conducts a site visit to ensure that expectations of the internship are being met and offer suggestions to both the student and supervisor.

For more information on how your business, governmental, or social agency can participate in the University of Illinois Peoria Center internship program, call us at:  309.999.4847 or email us at: