Prairie Area Teaching Initiative (PATI)

Forging Equity and Unity in Teacher Education



“Forging Equity and Unity in Teacher Education”


PATI is an initiative within the teacher education program that recruits first-generation students (first in their family to go to college), diverse students, and paraprofessionals.  It offers a unique support system characterized by financial support, mentoring, and opportunities to interact with local schools.  In return, graduates agree to teach in the state of Illinois for a minimum of two years.

The mission of Prairie Area Teaching Initiative is to inspire and support aspiring teachers from historically marginalized populations.


Quote from Samantha Missey, class of 2018: “PATI has given me the opportunity to follow my dream of becoming an educator and provided me with the priceless tools, tips, and support that I would not have received otherwise. PATI has also provided me with numerous opportunities to grow into the person and educator that I am today.”

Name Change Information

Prairie Area Teaching Initiative (PATI) is pleased to announce its new name as of Spring 2019.  It was formerly known as Project Midstate Student Support for Teaching (MSS).