Residential Student Parking

Specific parking lots on the UIS campus are designated only for UIS Housing Residents.

Those parking lots are as follows:

  • East Campus Housing: Sunflower, Clover, Bluebell and Larkspur Courts
  • West Campus Housing: Pennyroyal, Foxglove, Marigold and Trillium Courts
  • Residence Hall Housing: Lincoln Residence Hall and Founders Hall
  • Download Residential Student Parking map (pdf)

The parking lots above are reserved only for the residents who live in those specific housing complexes and that have obtained a current hang tag for that specific parking area. Additionally, each “Residential Student” may not park in any other Residential Court parking lot, due to the limited number of spaces that are available in those lots.

Residential Students must park in the lot corresponding to their housing location, but may during the day, drive to other nonresidential lots to park during class time. Residential Students must park overnight in the lot corresponding to their housing location.

Students living in the Residence Halls must park in the southern half of the Marigold and Trillium parking lots (see signs on light poles).

The northern half of the Marigold and Trillium parking lots(see signs on light poles)  are for their use and will be required to display a “West Housing” Parking Hang Tag.