Parking Permits

  • UIS Parking Permit Application (online)
  • All Students, Staff and Faculty must register and obtain a current Parking Hang Tag for their vehicle(s) when parked on University property.  University parking hang tags are valid for specific lots and/or a specific parking space. University parking hang tags are not valid in spaces with individual meters.  Students, Staff and Faculty must not transfer, loan, duplicate, trade, nor sell their respective parking hang tag.



University parking hang tags authorize Students, Staff and Faculty to park in specific lots and/or a specific parking space corresponding to their parking hang tag.  All parking hang tags shall be purchased online and acquired from the Parking Operations office.  Payroll deduction is an additional online purchase option, but only for full-time faculty and staff.

Economy : An Economy parking hang tag authorizes parking in any of the Economy parking lots.

Standard : A Standard parking hang tag authorizes parking in any of the Standard and Economy parking lots.

PERKS : A PERKS (Personal Exclusive Reserved “Kar” Space) parking hang tag authorizes parking in a specific PERKS space 24/7/365 and in any of the Standard and Economy parking lots.

Residential : A Residential parking hang tag authorizes parking in specific residential parking lots associated with and near a student’s campus residence.  Residential parking hang tags are NOT valid in Economy or Standard lots or PERKS.   Exception:  A residential parking hang tag also authorizes parking in Lot I-South.

Emeritus :  An Emeritus parking hang tag authorizes parking in any of the Standard and Economy parking lots.


MOTORCYCLE, Display of Parking Hang Tag

Individuals that only have a motorcycle, will be responsible for purchasing one parking hang tag and required to display it on the motorcycle.

Should the individual have both a vehicle and a motorcycle, they need only purchase one parking hang tag, but will be responsible for displaying the single parking hang tag on the vehicle or motorcycle when parked on campus.

A second parking hang tag may be purchased if one chooses to park their vehicle and motorcycle on campus simultaneously.



Any UIS Student, Staff, or Faculty is eligible.

No person shall register a vehicle, or receive a parking Hang Tag for a vehicle, unless he/she completes the Parking Hang Tag Application form online. Once the online purchase is complete, the Parking Hang Tag receipt and a valid photo ID must be presented to the Parking Operations Office, in order to receive the appropriate Parking Hang Tag. No parking hang tags will be sold to individuals with “dealer” license plates on their vehicle(s).

Any eligible UIS Student, Staff, or Faculty, may register only his/her vehicle(s), or the vehicle(s) of a member of his/her immediate family, including any relative domiciled at the individual’s residence. Each individual UIS Student, Staff or Faculty, that has a vehicle on campus, will be required to register and obtain a parking hang tag at the full price for their own vehicle.  No UIS Student, Staff or Faculty may register a vehicle(s) of another student, staff or faculty.

Registration of a vehicle is not complete until the hang tag issued, is hung on the rear view mirror or displayed visibly in the front windshield of the motor vehicle with the parking hang tag numbers facing outward and legible for inspection.