Vehicle Registration Fees

The assessment and collection of motor vehicle fees from students, faculty, staff, and all employees eligible for motor vehicle privileges is hereby established according to the parking fee structure reflected below:

Parking Permit Rates 2022-2023

Parking TierStudent Fee - Annual*Staff/Faculty Fee - Annual*
Economy Parking Lots$118.00$135.00
Standard Parking Lots$225.00$225.00
Personal Exclusive Reserved “Kar" Space (PERKS)$360.00$360.00
Residential Parking Lots***$118.00****$360.00 (PERKS only)
Economy Parking Lots**$59.00$67.50
Standard Parking Lots**$112.50$112.50
Lost Hang TagEqual to original fee paid for the hang tagEqual to original fee paid for the hang tag

* Annual fee hangtags are valid from August 1st 2022 through July 31st 2023

**Hangtags purchased after January 1st 2023 expire on July 31st 2023

***Residential parking hang tags authorize students to park in a specific residential parking lot near their on campus residence.  Residential parking hang tags are not valid in other parking lots. Students with a residential parking hang tag who desire to park in a lot other than their assigned residential lot (e.g. economy lot, standard lot, or PERKS) must purchase a hang tag for the specific type of lot(s) they desire to park in.

****The cost for residential students to purchase a PERKS in a residential lot is $360 annually.


Only students who drop out of the University within the first two weeks of the semester or employees who resign or are terminated within two weeks of their employment start date are eligible to receive a full refund of the cost for their Parking Hang Tag. After the end of the second week of class, or employment, no parking hang tag refunds will be given. The parking hang tag must be returned when applying for a refund. A refund can only be requested within the semester that the parking hang tag is purchased.

In addition to the refund policy above, only those student, staff and faculty having purchased an annual parking hang tag, may request a refund* for 1/2 the price of the annual parking hang tag cost. In order to receive this refund, the student, staff or faculty must return their parking hang tag to and complete a refund application with the Parking Operations office before January 1st. Parking hang tag refunds are not available after January 1st. Please note that the Parking Operations office closes for winter break and parking hang tags cannot be returned during that time. See Hours of Operation for details.

*Refund not available to faculty and staff utilizing payroll deduction for the purchase of their parking hang tag.