Parking Fees and Refunds

Section 4-105 – Vehicle Registration Fees

The assessment and collection of motor vehicle fees from students, faculty, staff, and from all employees eligible for motor vehicle privileges is hereby established according to the following for the 2018-2019 academic calendar year:

Type Student Fee Faculty/Staff Fee
Annual $88 $105
Fall Semester $44 $52.50
Mid-Annual $44 $52.50
Summer Session $22 $26.25
Lost Hang Tag Equal to Original Fee Paid
Temporary Parking (less than 1 month) Contact Parking Operations. Office dashboard passes will only be issued on a case by case basis.

Section 4-107 – Refunds

Only students that drop-out of the University within the first two weeks of the semester, or employees that resign within two weeks of the start of employment, will receive a full refund of the cost for their Parking Hang Tag. After the end of the second week of class, or employment, no hang tag refunds will be given.  A refund can only be requested within the semester that the parking hang tag is purchased. In addition to the refund policy above, only those resident housing students having purchased an “Annual” Hang Tag, that are graduating in mid-year, may request a refund (1/2 price of the yearly hang tag cost), after having first surrendered their specific hang tag to the Parking Operations office.