Online Bachelor’s Degrees

Most students in our Online Undergraduate degree programs come from a variety of areas throughout the world and have a diverse background.  Some of our undergraduates transfer in from a junior or community college.  Many of these students are moving forward in life to finish a degree they started many years ago.  Over 90% of our online undergraduates transfer in with all or some another higher education institution.  We have 2+2 and Joint Agreements with various schools across Illinois.

Business Administration

Teacher pointing at ink blot Text Psychology

People talking in front of computer with text Computer Science

Students at Computers with text Information Systems Security

Two students in at hospital in lab jackets looking at computer. Text Health Care Informatics.

Group of students having Discussion text Philosophy

Group students at computers text Management Information Systems

Teacher reading book to kids Text Teacher education

Calculator on textbook Text Mathematical Sciences

People talking of about Historical Artifacts text History


Student on Computer text Liberal Studies