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The Office of Electronic media maintains several resources to view our content online.


OEM YouTube Channel – Take a look at a large sample of the work done by the Office of Electronic Media.

UIS Video on Demand – A large number of University events are recorded and stored for public viewing at the video on demand site. Videos for the U of I Board of Trustees meetings, UIS music, athletic events, SGA meetings, ECCE events and more are available for FREE viewing

UIS Live Webcasts – OEM provides live webcasting for University events and Agency events throughout the year. View your current live webcast, and see our list of upcoming live events.

UIS Campus Channel – The University of Electronic Media maintains the UIS campus channel (cable channel 3-2) for viewing across campus. If you would like photos, videos, announcements, and information for university events shown on UIS Campus Channel, contact Cody Pope ( with the Office of Electronic Media.