Diversity Inclusion

College of Nursing Diversity Strategic Plan: Goals and Strategies

The University defines diversity as, “the totality of the ways people are similar and different, including race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation and identity, disability, national origin and citizenship status, age, language, culture, religion, and economic status, particularly when those similarities and differences are used as a basis for unfair advantage and inequity.”  The goals in this document are based on multiple sources of data including the College of Nursing Diversity Strategic Thinking document and the University document, “Through the Lens of Diversity.”  Download ‘CON Diversity Strategic Plan’ (pdf).

A Mosaic for UIC Transformation

Compiled by UIC’s Diversity Strategic Plan, “A Mosaic for UIC Transformation” is a statement of priorities, goals, and actions that will position diversity as fundamental to all campus activities. “A Mosaic for UIC Transformation” embraces our vision of a campus where each individual member through academic excellence realizes her or his full capacity for creativity, innovation, and service.  Download ‘A Mosaic for UIC Transformation’ (pdf).

Through the Lens of Diversity

This report shares with the UIC community the conclusions and recommendations for action of the Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning (DSTP) Committee. Download ‘Through the Lens of Diversity’ (pdf).