New Student Checklist: Things to Do Before, During and After Orientation

After Accepting Your Admission to UIS

Download the New Student Orientation Checklist for First-Year Students (pdf).

Get Ready to Register for KickStart:

______ Review the information for first-year students on our website Talk with your family about the dates.

______Register for KickStart. You will need the email and password you created for your UIS Admissions application (we use the same software for our reservation form) and can register through your admissions status page.Tommie and AJs Orientation Group_June 2015

______ Pay your $175 Orientation Fee. Follow the link for payment options and directions.

Things to Do Before Your KickStart Orientation Session

______ Make Arrangements for Travel and Accommodations.

See our Travel and Accommodations page for train and plane information, ground transportation, and driving directions to campus.

Parents/Family Members/Guests should make reservations at a local hotel for their overnight stay. We have information from a number of hotels that are offering discounted rates for UIS Orientation on the website above.

August and January Orientation sessions: only students living on-campus will be staying on campus in their rooms, commuter students will be coming to KickStart each day directly from home.

Things to Bring With You During Your KickStart Orientation Session


______Government Issued ID: Passport, Driver’s License, or State ID (if you do not have a driver’s license), you will need this to get your i-Card picture taken (if you haven’t uploaded it by your KickStart session) and take your Placement tests;  Additional information about proof of identity is available on the i-Card website.

______Your Financial Aid award letter if you want to meet with a counselor from the Office of Financial Assistance;

______Bank account and routing information to set up your direct deposit and parent/guardian email address for authorized payer enrollment with USFSCO (University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations) Customer Service Office;

______Your UIN, NetID and password (save them in your smart phone so you don’t forget – you will be using them during advising sessions and registration);

______Appropriate gear for the Central Illinois weather (62703 zip code);

______Sweater or jacket (meeting rooms can get a little chilly);

______Spending money for snacks or the UIS Bookstore, which has great UIS gear [student meals that are included in your orientation fee are the refreshment break and dinner on day 1 of orientation and breakfast and lunch on day 2];

______For students staying overnight in June – Pajamas, a change of clothes for the second day, gym gear (Play clothes – optional), running shoe/sneakers (optional), toiletries, shower shoes, extra bath towels (optional), a blanket or sleeping bag (optional, we will be providing linens: 2 sheets, one pillow case, pillow, one facial cloth and one bath towel.), and alarm clock (or the alarm on your phone)

In August and January, students living on campus will move directly into their housing assignment before Orientation begins, so you will need to be prepared to bring things from home to move-in); 

Parents. We have a parent and family orientation program that runs concurrently with the student program. This is an optional program, but we strongly encourage parents to attend. Parents may find it useful to bring:

______sweater or jacket;

______good book (you will have time to relax in the evening);

______Spending money for snacks or the UIS Bookstore, which has great UIS gear [Meals that are included in your orientation fees are the refreshment break on day 1 of KickStart and coffee and a $10 meal card towards lunch on day 2 – you may want to bring additional money in case your order is more than $10];

______Clothes, toiletries for day 2 of orientation;

______Don’t forget to make overnight accommodations at an area hotel if you do not live locally. Parents, family members, or guests will not be allowed to stay with their student.

Things to Do After KickStart and before Semester Launch

_____Complete e-Chug and e-Check-up online training before classes start.

A neatly packed car _____Attend Semester Launch: Spring 2020: January 8-10 or Fall 2020  August 20-22

Things to do during Semester Launch

______Attend your mandatory sessions. Bring your UIS i-Card to record your attendance at mandatory events. Your attendance will be sent to your academic advisor.

______Get to know your classmates.  Go to the evening activities, especially if you are a commuter student.  Start learning your way around campus, meet people and Have FUN!

Things to Do the First Week of Class and Beyond

______Go to classes – be on time.  It costs you money every time you are late or miss a class.

______Buy or Rent your textbooks.  College requires a lot more reading than you did in high school.  Make arrangements to get all of the books your faculty members require in your syllabus). Failing to purchase or rent all your textbooks could lead to poor course grades.

______Attend Welcome Week events – have fun, meet other students, learn about campus organizations, involvement, volunteer/service, and work opportunities.

______Review all your syllabi.  Use your smartphone calendar to record when readings, homework, papers, projects, and tests are due – better yet, use your UIS Webmail calendar and set it up to sync with your smartphone calendar and send you reminders.

______Create a Study Plan – No one is going to tell you to sit down and do your homework.  You will need to make sure you set aside time each day between classes and in the evenings to read, do homework, and study your class materials.  Make this a daily habit.