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Dewey Detmers
Dewey Detmers
Business Management
Business Management

Current Location: Chatham, IL

Hometown: Dawson, IL

UIS Degree: MBA 2011 (Business Management)

Other Degrees: B.S. 2005 Illinois College

Current Position: Director of Voice Services, Windstream Communications

Career Highlights

“I worked for Associated Network Partners, Inc. of Springfield for eleven years and have worked at Windstream remotely the three years since. I have had a great deal of success in my career, partially due to timing but mostly due to specific opportunities that I was afforded and which allowed my skill set to shine. During my time at UIS I met numerous faculty and staff that helped me to identify those skills and sharpen them a bit further. I currently manage the Voice Revenue Assurance group as well as the Sales team within the Wholesale Business Unit of Windstream.”

Memories of UIS

“Bonding with fellow graduate students during evening and weekend classes. Also I enjoyed beating Dr. Karri in racquetball and darts following the final MBA Capstone course.”

How did UIS change or prepare you?

“After having been in the workforce for several years after undergrad, I was a bit concerned that I may had fallen behind. However, UIS provided an MBA introductory course which allowed me to reacclimate myself to the classroom. It had only been five years, but the course worked equally well for other classmates who had been out of school for much longer. This ‘refresher course’ allowed the group to work together more successfully than had we simply jumped right in. Throughout the program we focused on our ability to summarize complicated matters into effective presentations. This transferred very well to the workplace and it sets me apart from many of my peers.”

Advice to UIS students or potential students?

“UIS provides a fantastic education and the value cannot be beat. Whether you are a traditional full-time undergraduate student, someone advancing from undergrad into graduate school, or someone working full-time and wishing to complete a degree in the evenings and weekends, UIS can provide a program that fits your needs.”

Interesting Fact

“My wife and I completed the UIS MBA program together while working full-time. We now are parents to four beautiful children. Thankfully, we work together better as parents than we did on our class projects. The professors liked her more and she always outscored me, but I am taller.”