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Crystal Creswell
Crystal Creswell
Business Administration

Current Location: Springfield, IL

Hometown: Springfield, IL

UIS Degrees: B.A. 2009 (Business Administration), MBA 2001 (Business Management)

Current Position: Operations Manager for the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation (MCLI)

Career Highlights

“Memorial Health System has allowed me the opportunity over the last almost ten years to gain experience in the healthcare field and advance from an initial career in Human Resources to a shift in my career in Organization Development. I have the distinct privilege to work for an organization that I was born at and have believed in all my life. Leading the Operations Team at the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation has been a blessing. I know that my team supports the education initiatives, quality work, and community involvement that is vital to ensuring excellence in patient care and enhancing the Springfield community.”

Memories of UIS

“My favorite memories of UIS involve the core group of individuals I experienced the MBA program with. While I may not see them every day, they made an extraordinary impact on me personally and professionally.”

How did UIS change or prepare you?

“Attending school at UIS both in 2001 and 2009 allowed me an opportunity to experience a broad range of subjects in business and at one time, I thought narrow my focus to one aspect of business. I went back to achieve my MBA because I personally wanted to further enhance my education and I knew UIS would provide me with the knowledge and environment that would ensure my success. My MBA provided me the confidence I needed to pursue my desire to be the Operations Manager at the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation.”

Advice to UIS students or potential students?

“Be curious, have integrity, be loyal, and believe in yourself. You can do anything you set your mind too!”

Interesting Fact

“After 10 years of dating, my husband proposed to me on graduation day in 2009!”