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Carmen R Allen
Carmen R. Allen
Management Information Systems

Current Location: Springfield, IL

UIS Degree: M.S. 2004 (Management of Information Systems)

Additional Degrees: Ed.D. 2017, Community College Leadership, Ferris State University

Current Position: Professor

Career Highlights

A 2018 recipient of the Lincoln Land Community College Pearson Master Teacher Award presented annually to “an outstanding full-time LLCC faculty member who practices his or her profession in an exemplary manner.”

Memories of UIS

The beautiful campus, cutting-edge building designs and technology, and the extremely helpful faculty who encouraged me during the journey.

How did UIS change or prepare you?

Obtaining a predominately online Management of Information Systems Master’s degree enhanced my community college teaching experience significantly. This program also required a significant amount of research and writing for the development of a large scope final project. The confidence gained from this experience led to more scholarly writing, the publication of technical articles, a doctoral program dissertation and the authoring of my first book.

Interesting Fact

Using a digital audio workstation (DAW), I write and record electronic music. I also really enjoy singing in choral groups, rock bands and with an occasional karaoke audience.