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Bob Vitale
Bob Vitale
Public Affairs Reporting

Current Location: Columbus, OH

Hometown: Toledo, OH

UIS Degree: M.A. 1992 (Public Affairs Reporting)

Current Position: Editor of Prizm

Career Highlights

“I spent much of my career as a newspaper editor and reporter. I covered local government and politics before moving to Washington, D.C. in 1995 to cover federal government and politics for Thomson Newspapers. I came back to my home state in 2004 to be a reporter for The Columbus Dispatch and moved into LGBTQ media in 2012.”

Memories of UIS

“How can it not be horseshoes?”

How did UIS change or prepare you?

“I majored in journalism as an undergrad because my dream was to cover Washington, D.C., as a newspaper reporter. I found myself on an editing track out of college, though, and after four years I decided to switch back into reporting and writing. Because of the Public Affairs Reporting Program, I lived my dream and covered such things as the 1996 presidential election, the Clinton impeachment saga, and a highly competitive U.S. Senate race in 1998.”

Interesting Fact

“I’m sure it’s not something Illinois football fans have any sympathy for, but I still love the Cleveland Browns.”