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Ashley Thompson
Ashley Thompson
Public Administration

Current Location: Chicago, IL

Hometown: Chicago, IL

UIS Degrees: MPA 2014 (Public Administration), Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Other Degrees: M.Ed. University of Illinois Chicago, B.A. University of Illinois Chicago

Current Position: Education Navigator, Chicago Housing Authority

Career Highlights

“Exposing high school students to several education and career paths. I enjoy encouraging students to seek and thrive in college. It is so rewarding to see them graduate with degrees and enter professional careers.”

Memories of UIS

“Studying with my fellow MPA classmates in Brookens Library, is one memory that I treasure. I developed some great friendships. We cheered each other on throughout our graduate experience, and we still support one another as professionals.”

How did UIS change or prepare you?

“UIS prepared me for my career by providing supportive spaces through academics and internships. I learned so much about government while reflecting on my career interests in serving low-income communities. I am grateful for my GPSI experience!”

Interesting Fact

“I love traveling, attending concerts, and living life to the fullest! My family means to world to me!”