UIS Music Courses

MUS 101/301                 Vocal Music Ensemble – UIS Chorus*
MUS 105/305                 Instrumental Music Ensemble – Band, Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble*
MUS 111                         Fundamentals of Music Theory
MUS 121                         Music Appreciation
MUS 131                         Beginning Class Guitar*
MUS 133                         Beginning Class Piano*
MUS 141/341                  Individual Music Lessons*
MUS 151                          Arts & Identity: Japan and the U.S.
MUS 181                          Introduction to Music Technology
MUS/SOA 191                  Musics of the World
MUS/TEP 261                   Introduction to Music Education
MUS/SOA 281                  Music, Technology, and Culture
MUS/SOA 319                  Music and Social Justice
MUS/SOA 335                  Jazz in American Culture
MUS/SOA/ART 367         Arts and Identity in Pacific Island Cultures
MUS/ART/BUS/THE 334  Arts Entrepreneurship
MUS 380                         Topics in Music
MUS/SOA 419                 American Musics
MUS 499                         Tutorial

* Indicates a performance course