Music Minor

The UIS Music minor is designed to help students increase their general music knowledge and acquire a basic understanding of diverse methodologies of music study.  It introduces students to a range of musical instruments, styles, methodologies and career options.  Students may plan a broad-based minor that includes courses in music performance, ethnomusicology, musicology, music theory, and music technology, or they may tailor their degree to focus on one particular aspect of music study.  Currently, the music program maintains strong course offerings in the areas of ethnomusicology and fundamental questions about the role of music in human social life focusing on diverse issues like cultural relativity, national identity, globalization, and social justice.  Music performance courses help students advance their technical proficiency, engage in critical thinking about music as text, and hone their collaborative skills in a variety of world music traditions.  The Music minor is open to students in any field.

Admission Requirements:

There are no special requirements for admission into the Music minor.


Students will be assigned a Music Minor Faculty advisor, who will assess individual curricular needs and assist in creating an appropriate academic plan.

Grading Policy:

Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses that apply toward the degree.  Grades of C- or lower will not be accepted toward the Music minor.

Requirements of the minor:

To earn a minor in Music, students must complete a minimum of 15 semester hours.  Two lower-division courses are required for the minor.  Nine hours of electives are required for the minor, and six of these elective hours must be upper division courses taken at UIS.  The program may approve transfer credit of no more than two courses.  Students should consult with an academic advisor to ensure that they have understood the minor requirements.

Select one of the following courses: 1 3
MUS 191 Musics of the World * 3
SOA 191 Musics of the World 3
MUS 281 Music, Technology, and Culture * 3
SOA 281 Music, Technology, and Culture 3
Select one of the following courses: 1
MUS 111 Fundamentals of Music Theory 3
MUS 121 Music Appreciation 3
Select nine hours of electives, six hours of which must be upper division 9
MUS 101 Vocal Music Ensemble 2 1
MUS 105 Instrumental Music Ensemble 2 1
MUS 131 Beginning Class Guitar 3
MUS 133 Beginning Class Piano 3
MUS 141 Individual Music Lessons I 2 1,2
MUS 151 Arts & Identity: Japan & U.S. 3
MUS 181 Introduction to Music Technology 3
MUS 301 Vocal Music Ensemble 3 1-2
MUS 305 Instrumental Music Ensemble 3 1-2
MUS 319 ECCE: Music and Social Justice * 4
SOA 319 ECCE: Music and Social Justice 4
MUS 335 Jazz in American Culture * 4
SOA 335 Jazz in American Culture 4
MUS 341 Individual Music Lessons II 3 1,2
MUS 367 ECCE: Arts and Identity in Pacific Island Cultures * 4
ART 367 ECCE: Arts and Identity in Pacific Island Cultures 4
SOA 367 ECCE: Arts and Identity in Pacific Island Cultures 4
MUS 380 Topics in Music 4
MUS 419 ECCE: American Musics * 4
SOA 419 ECCE: American Musics 4
MUS 499 Tutorial 1-12
Total Hours 15