About Music

General Education Requirements

Music courses and ensembles fulfill a variety of UIS General Education Requirements including Visual, Creative, and Performing Arts; Engaged Citizenship Common Experience; Comparative Societies Humanities; U.S. Communities. No prerequisites.

Music Minor

The 15-credit UIS Music minor is designed to help students increase their general music knowledge and acquire a basic understanding of diverse methodologies of music study. It is open to students in any field.

Individual Music Lessons

The UIS Music program offers Individual Music Lessons for students at the beginning and intermediate/advanced levels. Students may register for MUS 141/341 Instrumental Lessons. Additional Fees Apply. Click here to view the Instrumental Instructor Roster.


CellistsMusic ensembles at UIS include Band, Cello Choir, Chorus, Flute Choir, Jazz Ensemble, and Orchestra. Students, Faculty/Staff, and community members are welcome to join UIS ensembles. Students may earn course credit by playing in an ensemble. Faculty/staff and Community musicians interested in joining a UIS Music Ensemble may fill out a brief application form.

UIS Community Music School

The UIS Community Music School offers individualized music instruction and performance options for the community, ages 5+. Visit the UISCMS Webpage for further information and to fill out an online application form. Please direct your questions to music@uis.edu or (217) 206-6240. Summer lessons are available in an online format.


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The University of Illinois Springfield is located on the Southeast side of Springfield near Lake Springfield. Its 746-acre campus is located in the thriving capital city of Springfield, the proud home of Abraham Lincoln. Springfield offers a lively music scene including jazz and blues clubs, a municipal opera, and the Sangamon Valley Youth Orchestra. The University of Illinois Springfield houses the prestigious Illinois Symphony Orchestra that performs on campus in the state of the art Sangamon Auditorium.

FacilitiesSoloist Performs

The Music program is located in the Visual and Performing Arts Building that offers numerous classrooms equipped with whiteboard technology; a modern music technology lab; instrument storage facilities; practice rooms with pianos; the Polly Roesch Rehearsal Room; and a Steinway Piano Practice Room for students use. For more information on student use of theses facilities, see the Student Info link. Music performances take place in the Polly Roesch Rehearsal Room, Studio Theatre, Television Studio, and the Sangamon Auditorium.

Music Fund

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