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The Bachelor’s Degree

The goal of the comprehensive B.B.A. option is to develop a broad-based education of the business enterprise through advanced study in the business functional areas such as finance, management, marketing, and operations management. Specific objectives of this option are to:

  1. build advanced competencies in critical and ethical thinking, analysis, and decision making related to the business enterprise and
  2. enable students to gain a broad comprehensive understanding of the functional areas of business.


New students must contact the department for initial advising to plan a program of study that satisfies degree requirements and reflects their interests. Students are also required to access the Degree Audit System throughout their college career to verify that degree requirements are being met.

The College of Business and Management and the University of Illinois Springfield have a team of advisors ready to assist students in achieving their academic and career preparation goals.  Advising services are customized based on the level and location of the student.  Refer to Academic Advising – College of Business and Management for resources to help you succeed in achieving your academic goals. CBM strictly enforces prerequisites. 

Grading Policy

This program has minimum grade requirements as noted and outlined below. For questions related to the grading policy, please contact your advisor.


All majors in the College of Business and Management require  foundation  knowledge  in  accounting,  economics, and statistics.  UIS courses  that  satisfy  the  foundation  knowledge  requirements include:

Foundation requirements 1
ACC 211
ACC 212
Introduction to Financial Accounting
and Introduction to Managerial Accounting
ACC 311 Administrative Uses of Accounting 2 4
ECO 213 Statistics for Business and Economics 3
or MAT 121 Applied Statistics
ECO 201
ECO 202
Introduction to Microeconomics
and Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECO 315 Economics for Administration 2 4
Course work equivalent to the above may be accepted upon approval by the student’s advisor and the College of Business and Management by a student petition.
College Core 3
The college core is required of all undergraduate College of Business and Management students.
BUS 312 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS 322 Principles of Operations Management 3
BUS 331 ECCE: Business, Ethics, and Society 3
FIN 302 Principles of Financial Management 3
MGT 310 Managing Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 330 Business and Managerial Communication 3
MGT 488 Strategic Management: The Capstone 4 3
MIS 352 Principles of Management Information Systems 3
MIS 376 Business Analytics 3
Comprehensive Concentration Requirements 5
Upper Division Business (BUS) Course 3
Upper Division Management (MGT) Course 3
Upper Division Marketing (MKT) Course 3
Upper Division College of Business & Management course work 6 6
Total Hours 53-57
Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) 7 10