Entrance Requirements

All MBA entrance requirements must be completed and GPA/GMAT scores must meet entrance requirements to register for MBA courses.

  1. Begin by completing and submitting an online application.  (A downloadable application is also available.)  Later you may return to your electronic application file to upload other documents.
  2. You will have an opportunity to pay the application fee online after submitting the online application, or you may return to your Application Status Page* at any time to pay.  The application fee can also be mailed to the UIS Office of AdmissionsNote: If you have been a previous degree-seeking student at UIS, the application fee is waived.  (Do not pay and an admissions processor will manually review your file to document this waiver.)  Other fee waivers are available in some cases.
  3. Official transcripts from every college or university you have attended must be submitted to the UIS Office of Admissions.  If you are in the process of completing your degree, include a transcript now from your current school.  (A final transcript with your degree successfully documented will be required upon completion.)  If you have provided transcripts to UIS previously, they will likely still be on file.  You will be notified if anything is missing.  Note: Applicants with an undergraduate cumulative GPA below 2.0 will not be considered.  A cumulative GPA over 2.5 is preferred.
  4. Submit a current resume.
  5. Provide a qualifying GMAT total score.

UIS uses the GMAT total score to determine eligibility. The GMAT total score is composed of the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the exam. Note: The cumulative GPA will determine the GMAT total score required.
Register for the GMAT.
Find a local test center.
Contact the UIS Career Development Center for a Prep Course.
GMAT study guides are available at major bookstores.

The GMAT will be waived if:
– The undergraduate cumulative GPA is 2.5 or better, OR
A previous master’s degree (or higher) has been earned, OR
A minimum of five years of supervisory and middle-management experience is documented with 3 reference letters.  (Instruct letter writers to specifically address your managerial and supervisory experience.)

*The Application Status Page is very helpful.  It shows what has been received and what is still needed.  (Expect a delay in processing.)  It allows you to pay the application fee and upload documents.  If you provide names and addresses for recommendation letters, but those letters have not been received, you can re-visit the recommendations page and send reminders.

Although there are no application deadlines, it is wise to submit the above information at least 4-6 weeks before desiring to begin coursework.  New students may begin MBA coursework in the Fall or Spring.

International Applicants:  Find Graduate International Applicant requirements along with deadlines as defined by the UIS Office of Admissions.

Prerequisite Requirements

Total Hours: 11

MBA students may finish prerequisite requirements concurrently with starting MBA coursework.

Preferably, prerequisites should be completed within seven years of application to the MBA program.

All must be completed with a grade of C- or better.