CLS ClubMLS students at UIS have great opportunities for academic and extra-curricular activities that are both fun and look good on a resume.

The MLS Club is an active organization that gives students a chance to make friends in the department and receive academic support.

In addition to activities within the department, UIS is a university bustling with fun and interesting events and activities.

To learn more about student life, please visit the UIS Student Affairs website.

For an idea about the program from a student’s perspective, Dr. Rita Kelnhoffer-Trammell describes how her degree from UIS helped her to become a research assistant professor at SIU School of Medicine:

“In my position in the Department of Surgery, I conducted independent research projects as well as mentor the research projects of orthopedic residents. The CLS program provided me with the solid background I needed to successfully complete my Ph.D. and conduct independent research.”