Information for Students

Academic Advising

The academic advisor for MLS students is Craig McFarland.

Office: UHB 3043
Phone: (217) 206-8224

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Craig and are a UIS student book with AdviseU

Apply to the MLS Program

Transfer students can complete the MLS online application while applying to UIS. Simply begin the UIS application process and select MLS as your major. This selection will connect you to the MLS online application.

Transfer students apply to UIS and the MLS Program HERE!

Current UIS students (students who are currently attending UIS and students who have been admitted to UIS) must request a link to the MLS online application via email to the MLS Program Director, Andrea Jensen.

UIS students request a link to the MLS online application HERE!

MLS Four-Year Academic Plan (for UIS students)

To help with your academic planning in preparation for the MLS Program, you may reference the MLS Program’s current Four-Year Academic Plan (for UIS students).  This plan is provided as a supplement to your interactions with your Academic Advisor. Please consult MLS Academic Advisor, Craig McFarland, for assistance with academic planning.

Request for Recommendation

To request professional or academic recommendation from MLS faculty, current and former students must electronically submit a Request for Recommendation to the MLS faculty member and MLS Program.  To protect the privacy of students’ academic information, a recommendation cannot be provided until a completed Request for Recommendation form has been received by the MLS faculty member.

Leadership Lived

The MLS Program prides itself on providing opportunities for students to be involved in extracurricular professional and university activities. These activities provide excellent opportunities for service and community engagement. Opportunities for MLS students to develop leadership skills and serve their community include:

  • Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Club
  • Student Representatives to MLS Advisory Committee
  • ASCLS-IL Developing Professional Forum

Four UIS MLS Students Elected to Serve on the ASCLS-IL Developing Professional Forum

Elections for the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Science-Illinois (ASCLS-IL) Student Forum are held annually.  In 2020, UIS MLS students were elected into all four Student Forum positions!

Kirsten Callaway: ASCLS-IL Developing Professional Forum Chair


Kirsten Callaway

ASCLS-IL Developing Professional Forum Chair





Pie Sharma: Student Forum Vice-Chair

Pie Sharma

ASCLS-IL Developing Professional Forum Vice-Chair







Lauren Denny (not pictured)

ASCLS-IL Developing Professional Forum Secretary


Will Franz: Student Forum Treasurer


Will Franz

ASCLS-IL Developing Professional Forum Treasurer







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