2015 Alumni Humanitarian Award

Congratulations to Tim Randolph, PhD!  Tim was presented the University of Illinois 2015 Alumni Humanitarian Award at a ceremony at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum on November 6, 2015.  A graduate of the CLS Program, Dr. Randolph is currently Chair of Biomedical Laboratory Science at St. Louis University.  After seeing the desperate needs of the Haitian people, he founded Randolph World Ministries in 2000.  The organization provides a broad array of aid to Haitian clinics and has also conducted medical mission trips to Africa.  He is a highly acclaimed expert and speaker in hematology.  He has a patent for a sickle cell anemia lab test that can be used in less sophisticated labs such as those in Haiti.  He is also a leader at the state, regional, and national levels of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.

Dr. Tim Randolph
Dr. Tim Randolph
U of I 2015 Humanitarian
Humanitarian Award
Award plaque


Tim and Wife with patient
Tim and wife, Liz, with patient who survived meningitis