Megan Cox Wins Brian Milbrandt Intern Award

Megan and her supervisorMegan’s internship supervisor at the Illinois Department of Central Management Services, John Baranzelli, wrote this in her award nomination.

“In May of 2017, Ms. Megan Cox was selected to be the Operational Excellence GPSI Intern in the CMS Office of Operational Excellence.  The Office of Operational Excellence is a new office which was established on May 1, 2016 to administer the Statewide Rapid Results Program.  Because the office was still new when Megan was hired, we had very few standardized processes and procedures.  In many ways, the office was a start-up and everyone in the office was expected to think like entrepreneurs and help advance the program on a shoe-string budget. When her internship began in August of 2017, Megan immediately hit the ground running by helping us standardize our training coordination processes. As time went by, Megan took on more and more of the responsibility for coordinating our training classes.  Before long, she had become a fixture in our office and the phrase ‘Megan’s got it’ became what my Administrative Assistant would tell me whenever I’d ask about the status of an important coordination task.  Over time, that phrase would become synonymous with quality.  If Megan was in charge of a task, I knew it would be done–and done right.”