Where are Our Graduates?

Steve Idowu
MBA, 2012

Alumni Steve Idowu
Steve Idowu
Application Architect –
Bus. Process Developer
Accenture, LLP

Before enrolling in the MBA program, I was at a crossroad in my life and career.  I was transitioning from the sciences and wanted to empower myself with some business knowledge and skills that would be useful in various industries and career paths.  I knew that an MBA degree was what I needed.  An MBA degree has allowed me to confidently work in several industries and take on a variety of roles.  The courses taught have allowed me to adapt in unique, cross-functional positions and even where I have had little to no experience.  Since earning my degree, I have worked as a business analyst, financial analyst and in IT as a functional and development lead.  Beyond the classroom knowledge, the MBA program challenged me in such a way that I feel confident that I can perform well under pressure and in uncomfortable or unfamiliar situations.

At Accenture, LLP,  I lead the development of application software for our client, the U.S. Government.  Our Denver team implements cutting edge technology to simplify the rather complex government systems to operate efficiently.  We customize and implement new applications as well as transition legacy systems to modern and more user-friendly ones.  These tools are used for various things including reports that gather historical, current, and forecast numbers used in our annual national budgets.  Working in this capacity fulfills my goal of helping others.  I believe that I am helping not only our government but the American citizens by doing my part in making the agency IT systems run smoothly.


David Guggenheim
Dr. David Guggenheim
Assistant Professor of Management / MIS
Berea College
Berea, KY

David Guggenheim
MBA, 2010

The MBA program at the University of Illinois Springfield allowed me to push myself beyond what I thought were my limits, and it was here that I learned of my desire to become a management and information systems educator and researcher.  The professors at UIS convinced me that I could operate at the PhD level, and it was through their encouragement and guidance that I ultimately embarked on the pursuit of a terminal degree.

A large number of my fellow classmates were business professionals which added depth and variety to all of my coursework, and because of the sense of community instilled by UIS, we remain friends to this day. I fondly think of my time at UIS as one of life’s momentous turning points, one in which I discovered who I am and what I am capable of achieving.