GPSI Intern Paul Artis

“I currently work as an Intern at the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity in the Financial Management Office. We work with a variety of cities, schools, and businesses through our grant programs. Among other things, I oversee the Indirect Cost Rate approvals for grantees and work directly with people across Illinois. I also administer our grant funds collection system, help with ordering funds for grants, and have worked with multiple departments on projects and reports. Beyond just the work, my agency has given me the ability to attend a variety of training sessions covering topics such as grant funds, indirect costs, and Access basic and intermediate training.

It is great to know that my supervisor truly cares about my development both personally and professionally and being a GPSI Intern has provided me the opportunity to learn more about state government while working to further my education.

My MBA courses have given me a great knowledge base to draw from in my internship. The classes provide opportunities to work with businesses in the local community and one can directly apply what they are learning to real world scenarios. This application has been an invaluable addition to my education. I would recommend the MBA program and GPSI internship to anyone looking to further their education and gain real job experience at the same time.”