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Robert Wright

Professional Journal Articles

Wright, R. E. (2006). A Comparative Analyses of Different Models Explaining the Relationship Between Instructor Ratings and Expected Student Grades. Forthcoming in Educational Research Quarterly.

Wright, R. E., Palmer, J. C., & Perkins, D. (2005). Types of Product Innovations and Small Business Performance in Hostile and Benign Environments. Journal of Small Business Strategy, 15 (2), 33-44.

Wright, R. E. (2003). Difficulties in Marketing the Concept of Merit Pay for Primary and Secondary Teachers. Research for Educational Reform, 8 (3), 38-45.

Wright, R. E. & Bachrach, D. G. (2003). Testing For Bias Against Female Test Takers of the Graduate Management Admissions Test and Potential Impact of Such Bias on Admissions to Graduate Programs in Business. Journal of Education for Business, 78 (6), 324-328.

Palmer, J. C., Puclik, M. , & Wright, R. E. (2003). Issues related to gaining and maintaining patent protection for small business innovations. Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 10 (2), 118-124.

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