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Feng-Shun (Leo) Bin

Professional Journal Articles

Feng-Shun Bin, Leonard Branson and Dar-Hsin Chen, “How Does the US Equity Market React to Domestic and International Stock-Based Compensation Accounting Changes?” Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, accepted in 2007, forthcoming.

Feng-Shun Bin, Mark Puclik and Fang He (2007), “Las Vegas: For or Against Online Gaming? An Empirical Study of Stock Market Reactions to Legislation Events,” Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 15 (1), pp. 114-127.

Feng-Shun Bin and Fang He (2006), “Political Risk and Emerging Market Stock Returns: Further Evidence Across the Taiwan Strait and Beyond,” International Journal of Business Research; Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 190-197.

Dar-Hsin Chen, Lloyd P. Blenman, Feng-Shun Bin and Jianguo Chen (2006), “The Effects of Open Market Reforms on the Behavior of China’s Stock Prices,” International Research Journal of Finance and Economics; Issue 5 (September), pp. 95-110.

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