Admissions Requirements

Degree Program Program Type Dept Application Materials and Admission Criteria Prerequisite Course Requirements Department ADM Review Dept Conditional Admits Dept Appeal Process
Business Administration MBA Blended *A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater is preferred. GPAs below 2.0 will not be considered.

*Current resume.

*Official GMAT score

*The cumulative GPA will determine the total GMAT score required.

The GMAT will be waved if:
1) The cumulative GPA is 2.5 or better,
2) A previous master’s degree (or higher) has been earned,
3) A minimum of five years of supervisory and middle-management experience is documented with three letters of reference and approved by an ad hoc committee of MBA faculty and the director.

*All admission criteria must be completed to register for MBA course work.

ACC 311 (or ACC 211 and ACC 212) and ECO 315 (or ECO 201 and ECO 202) and BUS 501 with grades of C- or better.

Preferably, prerequisites should normally be completed within seven years of application to the MBA program.

*Prerequisites may be taken as a conditional student or concurrently with MBA curriculum.

Admission is granted by the department faculty on the basis of an evaluation of an applicant’s complete file. Yes, for prerequisites only No