GPSI Intern Judy Zhu

“For MBA students, the Graduate Public Service Internship (GPSI) program is a unique opportunity that gives you a chance to practice what you have learned in class.  As a Network Operations intern working for the Department of Innovation and Technology, I have applied what I’ve learned in class to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a state agency. At the same time, I’ve learned hands-on business rules that I wouldn’t have in class.”

“对于MBA 学生来说,研究生公共服务实习(GPSI)项目是一个特别难得的机会,他可以让你在实际工作中用到你在学校所学的知识。我作为州政府信息网络部门(DOIT)的实习生,我用自己所学的知识,加以运用,以提高部门的效率和效益。同时,在实际专业的工作环境中,我也学到了很多书本上学不到的知识。”