GPSI Intern Megan Cox

“I am an intern with the Department of Central Management Services in the Office of Rapid Results. In addition to other various tasks, I am in charge of managing the operational plan for the year, tracking project updates, and planning the annual Rapid Results Summit. Also, I am working with CMS as they transition into the ERP system which is a valuable experience learning how to manage large, company-wide projects.

“It is exciting to participate in an internship where I am not only performing meaningful work, but whose ideas are respected as part of the team. The GPSI experience is so unique as you are effectively an employee with essential work experience.

“Throughout my MBA coursework, I have already been able to bring real work examples into classes. At my internship, my classes allow me to understand and bring new ideas into my projects. Overall, my GPSI experience has enhanced my graduate student experience and is something I would recommend.”