Judy’s Nomination

Judy and her supervisor
MBA student, Judy Zhu, with her supervisor, Lori Sorenson, Department of Innovation & Technology.

“I would define Lori Sorenson as someone that:

  • Leads by example
  • Has integrity
  • Listens
  • Has a strong desire to help others
  • Provides guidance and constructive feedback
  • Wants people to succeed and to be independent

No matter how busy, Lori always finds the time to meet weekly with me one-on-one.  She genuinely cares about my work performance and provides guidance on how to handle my workload and job assignments. Lori is competent, knowledgeable, and motivates others by setting a good example. She taught me how to develop analytical thought processes, enhance my problem-solving skills, and she explained the MBA knowledge behind daily business which inspired me to apply book knowledge to real business practices.  She genuinely cares about my personal life and offers life suggestions.  I feel humbled and honored that I was selected to work at DoIT to serve as her intern.  I am truly inspired to become a successful business leader like Lori Sorenson!”