FAQs for Entrance to the MBA Program

Question: What must I do to apply to the MBA program?

Answer: “Full” admission requires the completion of all entrance requirements.

At a minimum, the application/fee and transcripts can be submitted. (Transcripts are required from every school attended.) This will result in “conditional” acceptance. Prerequisite courses may be taken as a conditional MBA student but no MBA coursework is allowed until all entrance requirements are completed.

Question: Why are prerequisites necessary?

Answer: The prerequisites represent an introductory body of knowledge that is required, prior to enrolling in MBA core courses.

Question: What are the required MBA prerequisites?

Answer: See a complete list of prerequisites.

Question: How will I know what prerequisite requirements I need?

Answer: When the MBA faculty review your application portfolio (including your undergraduate transcripts) your prerequisite deficiencies, if any, will be identified. The more complete your application portfolio is, the more complete the evaluation will be.

Question: What if I had equivalent courses several years ago?

Answer: As a rule, prerequisite requirements need to be completed within the past 5 years. From time to time exceptions are made based on the total content of the application portfolio.

Question: What GMAT score is needed?

Answer: The MBA faculty prefer GMAT scores in the 500s. Lower scores have been accepted when accompanied by strong undergraduate GPAs and/or other strong application materials.  (No scores under 400 are considered.)

Question: What if I think I have substantial managerial experience and thus will not need the GMAT?

Answer: In order to judge substantial managerial experience, faculty need your resume, career goal essay and three reference letters. After these are reviewed, you will be notified of whether you qualify with experience or whether you will need a GMAT.

Question: Who should write my reference letters?

Answer: Letters can be from instructors, employers, professional peers or those who can evaluate your capacity to work at a graduate level. Do not take the reference letters lightly; MBA faculty do not, especially when the letters are serious and thoughtful reflections on your ability and commitment to advanced study.

Question: May I see what my references write?

Answer: Your references may mail letters directly to the MBA program or to you and then you can forward them.  Letters do not have to be in sealed envelopes when they are submitted but they should be signed and contain contact information.

Question: What is the application deadline?

Answer: Applications for the Springfield campus are accepted and processed continuously. However, applications can take 3-4 weeks to process. Thus, it is suggested that you submit your application at least 6 weeks in advance of the semester in which you would like to begin coursework. (Earlier is better!) Please note that some educational institutions take a long time to send out transcripts after you request them. Application processing will not begin until the application fee and transcripts are received.

Application prior to April 1 is encouraged for the Peoria MBA Cohort which begins only in the fall. Sometimes we are able to accept applications after this date, but only if vacancies are still available. Please contact the MBA program office at 217/206-7920 for deadline exceptions.

Question: Where do I submit my application packet?

Answer: Official documents (application/fee, transcripts, and GMAT score) must be submitted to the UIS Office of Admissions at One University Plaza, MS UHB 1080, Springfield, IL 62703.

The other required documents (three references, essay, and resume) should be sent to the MBA program.

Question: How will I know if I have been accepted?

Answer: Acknowledgement of your application will be sent to you from the MBA program office. This will either be an acceptance letter or a checklist of items still needed in order to complete your full application to the MBA.

Note: This is likely to take 3-4 weeks after your application/ fee and transcripts are received by the Office of Admissions.

Question: When will I receive an adviser?

Answer: When you are ready to begin MBA coursework, you will receive an academic adviser. During the admission process and while you are completing prerequisites, you will receive guidance from MBA program staff.

Question: What if I have unanswered questions?

Answer: Contact the MBA program office at 217/206-7920.