The Bachelor’s Degree

The B.A. in Mathematical Sciences is designed to prepare students for careers using mathematics, operations research, and statistics in the fields of teaching, research, industry, insurance, and management or for graduate study in mathematical sciences or related areas.


Students should consult with academic advisors in the major for specific guidance regarding completion of general education requirements.

Mathematics Placement

All mathematics courses have prerequisites to assure appropriate placement. Students may meet prerequisites by taking the prerequisite courses. For mathematics courses at or below 100-level, students may meet prerequisites by having an appropriate standardized test score (ACT Math Score or SAT Math Score) or by earning an appropriate score on the placement test (ACCUPLACER Math test).  Details can be found at the website of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Grading Policy

Required core and elective MAT courses must be numbered 330 or higher, and must be taken for a letter grade. The CR/NC option is not acceptable. Transfer credit for upper-division course work is evaluated on a case-by-case basis through a Student Petition.

Degree Requirements

MAT 330 Entrance Assessment 0
Core Courses
MAT 332 Linear Algebra 4
MAT 415 Advanced Calculus 4
MAT 431 Mathematical Statistics I 4
MAT 444 Operations Research Methods 4
MAT 491 Exit Assessment 0
Select from one of the following two clusters: 16
Cluster A
Abstract Algebra
Two MAT elective courses (8 hours)
Cluster B
Statistical Methods
Mathematical Statistics II
Two MAT elective courses (8 hours)
Total Hours 32