Nathan Steele

Dr. Nathan Steele along with Dr. Leonard Branson and Dr. C. H. Sung recently received Best Paper Award for Track for “When two heads are worse than one: Impact of group style and information type on performance evaluation”. The paper was published in the proceedings of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences Conference and in the Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences Fall 2010.

Nathan Steele, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Management in the College of Business and Management at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Dr. Steele teaches Negotiation, Managing Organizational Behavior, and Group Management Techniques.

He received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Indiana University in 2004. At Indiana University he primarily studied negotiation and bargaining with Dr. Jerome M. Chertkoff, and completed a minor in quantitative analysis.

Following the completion of his degree, he was awarded a postdoctoral position in the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah as part of their Organizational Behavior group. At the Eccles school, Nathan continued a line of research begun with his dissertation on perceptions of equity or fairness in negotiation scenarios.

His other research interests include a fascination with game theory, especially concepts related to coalition games and concepts of equity and utility within games. Nathan’s research primarily centers on using game theoretic paradigms to investigate organizational situations in their simplest form.

He also conducts research along the lines of group processes and has consulted for non-profit attorney’s organizations on these topics including team building and intergroup dynamics. His research has been published in refereed professional journals and presented at various refereed national and international conferences.

Nathan’s teaching interests include negotiation, group processes, the fundamentals of organizational behavior, and teamwork. Prior to his academic career, Nathan worked as a business analyst for Healthcare Recoveries, Inc., an insurance subrogation firm, and he completed a B.S. at Murray State University.