Dr. Laurel Newman

Laurel NewmanDr. Laurel Newman, the Director of Online Programs in the College of Business and Management was honored with the Oakley Distinguished Online Teaching Award during the UIS’ annual Faculty Honors and Recognition Reception in May, 2010. This award recognizes UIS faculty whose performance exemplifies excellence in online teaching.

Dr. Newman has served as the Director of the College of Business and Management’s Online Programs for the past four years. Dr. Newman exemplifies excellence in online teaching through various online courses that she teaches in the College of Business and Management. One of her most popular courses is MGT444-ECCE: Work, Family, and Community: A U.S. Perspective. This course is designed to examine and debate critical challenges facing individuals, families, employers and communities in managing the changing demands of work, family and life. (Family is construed broadly to include all significant non-work relationships.) Gender, socio-economic, legal public policy, corporate and individual perspectives are considered.

She is actively involved in the Community of Practice in E-Learning (COPE-L). This organization shares knowledge and best practices related to e-learning; develops informal networks and mutually helpful relationships among members; identifies problems and seeks solutions to problems shared by members; and provides opportunities for members to explore and innovate in the area of e-learning.

Dr. Newman is one of the pioneers of online learning at UIS and as a result of her contributions, UIS has been successful in providing high quality online programs. UIS has been recognized both locally and nationally for its excellence in online learning.