Associated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty:

Phone: 217-206-6712            Office: UHB-4043                   Email:

Bruce Sommer 

Director of Economic Development and Innovation
Master of Business Administration, Whittemore School of Business and Economics at University of New Hampshire

Areas of Specialization: Entrepreneurship, Private Equity/Venture Capital, Quantitative Methods, Emerging Business Start-ups and Early-Stage Venture Investing



Dr. Laurel Newman

Executive Director, Center for Academic Success/UIS Ombuds
Associate Professor, Business Administration
Ph.D., University of Illinois

Phone: (217) 206-7931
Office: BRK 458, UHB 4076 Ombuds


Emeriti Professors:

Email: Phone: (217) 206-7932 Office: UHB-4060

Dr. Donald E. O’Neal

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., University of Illinois

Areas of Specialization: Strategic Management & Leadership, Organization Theory, Human Resource Management, Business Ethics and Managing Change (more)



Dr. Dyanne Ferk

Associate Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., St. Louis University

Phone: (217) 206-7929
Office: UHB-4060

Email:          Phone: (217) 206-7922           Office: UHB-4060

Dr. David O’Gorman

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Areas of Specialization: Decision making processes, Assumption analysis, Coping with Single-Loop behavior in organizations, Innovation processes in larger organizations