Points of Pride

Faculty expertise

The management faculty is diverse in culture and background. Professors bring to the classroom many years of practical experience as well as strong educational backgrounds. A UIS Management class.They are committed to teaching and learning excellence. Faculty share a strong belief in action learning where the students are active participants in the classroom. They use a blend of teaching styles that emphasize student interaction. Lectures, case studies, computer based simulation, team based projects and field studies challenge students and promote active learning.

Developing leaders

Our management program focuses on developing the characteristics and skills for successful leadership.

Team building

Management students at UIS learn that success for individuals as well as organizations is determined by how effective they are in developing the organization as a whole. By the time they graduate, they understand that real leadership is knowing how to develop, coach, mentor and facilitate a team of employees, rather than simply monitoring and controlling.


The management program has over 3000 alumni who work in both the public and private sectors, both as employees and entrepreneurs. Many of our graduates are in positions of leadership in their organization and the community. As such, you will be joining a group who experienced tremendous intellectual and skill growth while in the program and who were able to effectively translate that growth into viable careers.

Collegial Atmosphere

Both faculty and staff work together to help students achieve success in the program.