Learning Behavior Specialist

This endorsement is offered online.

Contact Information
Phone: (217) 206-7516
Email: masterinedu@uis.edu
Website: www.uis.edu/edl

Approved by the Illinois State Board of Education, the Learning Behavior Specialist 1 (LBS1) endorsement is sought by PK-12 teachers for the purpose of gaining an additional endorsement to be qualified to teach in a special education setting.  Combine the endorsement/graduate certificate with an additional 24 credit hours of EDL coursework to fulfill requirements for a Master of Arts in Education.

A passing grade in an EDL course is considered to be B- or above. A failing grade is given for work below that level.

EDL 553 Assessment of Students’ Learning Difficulties and Disabilities 4
EDL 554 Characteristics of Exceptional Children 4
EDL 558 Strategies for Teaching Children with Special Needs I 2
EDL 559 Strategies for Teaching Children with Special Needs II 2
EDL 573 Survey of Exceptional Children 4
Total Hours 16

Candidates must take and pass ISBE Licensure Exam(s) in their specific area(s) to qualify for state of Illinois entitlement.